Pull / Kanban

Visual Factory Tools for Inventory & Demand Management

Pull / Kanban

Kanban: Inventory & Demand Management

- Learning to Pull: A Course in Pull/Kanban Techniques -

This H4M Lean workshop takes participants beyond the value stream to an understanding of the strategic nature of Pull/Kanban. Using case studies designed to focus on the value of Pull/Kanban, the workshop answers technical questions such as how to manage bulky customer demand, and delves deeper into issues such as how to set minimum batches, how to size supermarkets, and what kind of Kanban to use.

The winning combination of strategy and tactics results in significant long-term financial benefits achieved quickly, and provides a springboard to the focused application of Lean techniques.

Course Description

This 1-day course is designed to introduce participants to visual factory tools to control levels of inventory and establish controls used for scheduling work center production. The program will discuss the reasons, rewards, roadblocks and challenges of using Kanban signals and supermarket inventory to manage the movement and storage of material. Participants will be learn the impact of continuous improvement on the material management system, and gain the knowledge to begin implementation in their own facility.


Employees, supervisors, purchasing agents, engineers and managers who are considering using visual management tools on the shop floor to help store, move and replenish material.



Learning Objectives

  • Understand the elements of a Kanban system
  • Learn the importance of synchronizing the information and material flow in the facility
  • Learn key characteristics of Kanban such as lead time, Takt time, inventory valuation, excessive changeover, material shortages, first time quality and the impact of unbalanced processes
  • Understand the elements of a supermarket and when they should be used
  • Learn what role demand has on supermarkets and Kanban systems
  • Learn the impact waste has on the 'signaling system'
  • Understand how continuous improvement is used to drive inventory levels lower and lower

Course Outline

  1. What is a Kanban System?
  2. What is a Supermarket?
  3. What is Real Demand: Takt Time
  4. Impact of Waste on Kanban and Supermarkets
  5. Pull Systems: A Case Study