Overcome Obstacles

Adapt, Survive and Thrive

Overcome Obstacles

Crisis? What Crisis?

H4M Lean Inc. can help your company become more flexible and decrease response time to economic trends. We'll teach you how to seize crisis as a lever for your business's Lean Transformation and emerge stronger and more effective than ever.

Global Fallout

The global fallout from the real estate and banking crisis has impacted economies worldwide. The drop in consumer demand, capital spending cuts, layoffs, rising unemployment, the spectre of inflation and erratic equity markets have put intense pressure on margins and heightened everyone's focus on cutting costs. During such times, companies that fail to adapt and change fail to survive.

Groundwork for Future Growth

Some companies, however, will do more than just survive: Every period of economic upheaval offers a rare opportunity to lay the groundwork for future growth. Companies and organizations that respond quickly to market turmoil, preserve cash and continue to innovate will emerge from today's economic crisis stronger than ever.



The H4M Lean Inc. professionals have worked for discrete manufacturers (e.g. auto manufacturers), continuous process companies (e.g. chemical plants), and service firms during periods of both high growth and bleak economic times. Contact us to find out how to see your business through and past crises and onward to increased profitability and sustained growth.

H4M Lean Training Services

Lean Training Services | H4M Lean Inc.Our experienced professional consultants will teach your supervisors and managers to lead in a continuous improvement environment. H4M specializes in teaching and demonstrated application of the skills and methods of Lean thinking, approaching Lean as a system rather than a collection of tools.

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H4M Lean Consulting Services

H4M Lean Inc. consulting servicesFind out why organizations from local manufacturers to Global Fortune 500 companies have turned to H4M Lean to improve processes, increase productivity, eliminate waste and dramatically improve ROI. We stay focused on clients' needs, teaching you to sustain your productivity increases and capitalize on new opportunities as they arise.

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H4M Lean Transformation

Lean Transformation | H4M Lean Inc.Discover sustainable, tangible results:

  • Reduced costs
  • Increased efficiency
  • Superior ROI
  • Improved systems processes

...Not to mention increased product value, higher sales, decreased lead and delivery times, better utilization of resources and more.

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