On-Site Lean Assessment

Gauge Your Organization's Performance with Gemba

On-Site Lean Assessment

H4M Lean On-Site Lean Assessment

The Gemba Walk

In business, 'Gemba' refers to the place where value is created, similar to the business concept of MBWA (Management by Walking Around). Gemba can be the factory floor, a construction site, a sales floor or any site where the service provider directly interacts with the customer.

The idea of Gemba in Lean manufacturing is that problems are visible; the 'Gemba Walk' takes management to the front lines to look for waste and opportunities for improvement from the bottom up.

Shop Floor and Office Area

This 1- to 2-day on-site plant assessment by H4M offers you an understanding of your organization's current state of performance as it relates to the Lean philosophy. Each key area in the facility will be assessed and the findings documented and reported.

Areas of Assessment

  • Shop floor performance assessment
  • Engineering alignment
  • Purchasing alignment
  • Current cost of quality assessment
  • Company culture assessment
  • Middle management assessment

Elements within Assessments

  • Current lead time
  • Engineering alignment with manufacturing
  • Purchasing alignment with demand
  • First-time quality
  • On-time deliveries
  • Internal labor costs
  • Indirect costs as a percent of sales

Written Report & Strategic Roll-Out Plan

H4M assessment report is a blueprint for implementing continuous improvement in our client organization. It will set out clear objectives that you can achieve through ongoing process improvements, such as improvements in ROI and total asset turns, and reductions in work-in process, materials handling, the distance materials travel, cost of warranties and the business cycle time from order entry to delivery.