Our Mission

H4M Lean Inc. Mission Statement

Our Mission

Learning, Achieving and Contributing to Lean Culture.

At H4M Lean Consulting Group, our mission is to help businesses and organizations deploy Lean thinking and methodology effectively, and become powerful performers both individually and as a team.

Our primary focus is the client: Client satisfaction; client profitability, client acquisition and client retention. H4M Lean specializes in company- and industry-tailored approaches for integrating Lean concepts, applications and systems.

H4M Lean's highly skilled professional team believes in working with all levels of an organization; leveraging existing internal resources and expertise to successfully guide leaders and their teams through the Lean Transformation process. Drawing on our expertise, breadth of experience and a strong dose of common sense, H4M Lean recommends the best resources and strategy to achieve objectives through implementation of Lean principles. These principals are based on mapping and establishing flow on the assumption of identification and elimination of waste and deployment of Lean value.

In the real world, all systems contain waste, and thereby provide opportunity through waste reduction to create competitive advantages. Each system is unique, and requires a distinct order and application of Lean tools in order to address specific opportunities with respect to industry, company, and internal culture. The H4M Lean associates pride themselves on helping businesses and organizations across North America, Europe and Asia to identify these opportunities, align the organization, create a plan, then execute and sustain that plan.