Lean Enterprise Certificate

Lean Enterprise Certificate

H4M Lean Enterprise Certificate Program

- Learn & Apply Lean Tools & Principles -

This H4M Lean program has a hands-on curriculum designed for those who want to learn and apply Lean methods and principles within their organization. Students will receive formal instruction in Lean Principles over 2-week or 4-week sessions (details below).


Students will have the opportunity to apply Lean concepts in a real working environment and facilitate a team of fellow classmates during on-site application days. Participating companies provide an improvement opportunity for the students to apply the concepts of Value Stream Mapping, 5-S, Cell Design, Pull Systems, TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) or Set Up Reduction.

With this structure, students not only experience the first-hand benefits of a Lean Enterprise, but will also learn best practices and network with other local companies. Upon completion and required reading, program graduates will be prepared to write the AME/SME/Shingo Bronze Lean Certification exam.




Fundamentals and Intermediate Lean Enterprise

This series of seminars will provide you with the tools you need to transform your company into a Lean enterprise.The following is a full course of a 1-month program. The program can be downsized to a 2-week program depending on the needs of the client organization.

    Course Outline

    Lesson 1- Introduction to Lean
    Lesson 2- The Need for Change
    Lesson 3- Lean Theory
    Lesson 4- Kaizen
    Lesson 5- Value Stream Mapping (VSM)
    Lesson 6- Transforming the Enterprise
    Lesson 7- SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Dies/ Quick Change)
    Lesson 8- TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)
    Lesson 9- 5-S
    Lesson 10- DFMA (Design For Manufacture and Assembly) or PDCA
    Lesson 11- Kanban
    Lesson 12- Other Lean Tools
    Lesson 13- Lean and Six-Sigma Overview
    Lesson 14- Lean Accounting Overview
    Lesson 15- Implementing Lean
    Lesson 16- Lean and Energy Conservation
    Lesson 17- Close-up Session

You will Learn To:

  1. Understand the terms, terminology, and benefits of Lean Manufacturing.
  2. Conduct value stream maps of the current state, identify the potentials for
  3. Reduced waste and improved flow, and develop a future state map.
  4. Participate in the development of a site-specific Lean implementation roadmap.
  5. Avoid the common pitfalls encountered during Lean implementation.

Lean / 6-Sigma Facilitator Certificate

In addition to the Lean Enterprise Certificate, H4M Inc. offers the Lean Facilitator Certificate, an in-depth program focused on facilitating Lean Transformation in office, service and knowledge-based work settings.