Industrial Engineering Core Functions

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Industrial Engineering Core Functions

Lean Manufacturing

H4M Lean Consulting Group has a broad range of engineering experience in manufacturing industries of all sizes across the globe.

Our associates have the background, skills and expertise to apply Lean tools and methodology to core engineering functions, including:

  • Work methods analysis and improvement
  • Work measurement
  • The establishment of standards
  • Machine / tool analysis and design
  • Job and workplace design
  • Plant layout and facility design
  • Materials handling
  • Cost reduction
  • Production planning and scheduling
  • Inventory control, maintenance, and replacement
  • Statistical quality control
  • Scheduling and delivery
  • Assembly-line balancing, systems, and procedures
  • Overall productivity improvement

Computers and information systems activities and functions, including:

  • Numerically-controlled machine installation and programming
  • Manufacturing systems design
  • Computer-assisted design and manufacturing
  • Quality engineering
  • Statistical process control
  • Computer simulation, operations research, and management science methods
  • Computer applications, software development, and information technology
  • Human-factors engineering and ergonomics
  • Systems design and integration
  • Robotics and automation.

Lean principles and process improvement techniques as applied to Industrial Engineering core functions, including:

  • Method Engineering: time and motion study (MTM, MOST)
  • Layout and facility design
  • Operation Management and Line Balancing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Productivity and Material Management
  • Quality Management

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