Get Results with H4M Lean

See Significant Returns on Investment

Get Results with H4M Lean

H4M Lean Brings Results

Significant, Immediate ROI

H4M Lean's proven process improvement, waste elimination and cultural change methodologies have helped companies worldwide improve their effectiveness and get results.

The Lean Improvement Specialists

No other consulting firm offers the combined knowledge, expertise and diverse industry backgrounds of our experienced professional associates.

Discover the benefits of H4M Lean:

  • Superior ROI — H4M Lean generates rapid results with a minimum 2x - 4x annual return on consulting investments, and frequently return cost savings and revenue opportunities in excess of 10x or more.
  • Global Presence — H4M Lean rolls out a consistent approach to Lean excellence with experienced advisors on the ground, around the globe.
  • Holistic Approach — H4M Lean implements Lean tools as part of an integrated improvement plan based on analysis of problems and their impact on overall goals. The results are measurable improvements in behaviour and processes.
  • Pragmatic Approach — H4M Lean does not attempt to reinvent the wheel, utilizing pre-packaged tools whenever possible.
  • Strategic Road Map — H4M Lean works side-by-side with leadership teams to develop a clear road map for improvement linked to quantifiable business objectives.
  • Knowledge Transfer — H4M Lean emphasizes the transfer of knowledge and provides the tools, discipline, and hands-on experience for clients to support transformational activities internally. Because H4M is a Lean company, we are always learning and in pursuit of new ideas, solving problems and growing as a single integrated system.
  • Listening — At H4M Lean we listen carefully to our clients to help identify their needs. We listen carefully to our Lean participants, valuing their ideas for solutions.
  • Simplicity — A Lean solution is an elegant and simple solution to any issue in any business or organization, in any industry and location.




H4M Lean will help you plan, manage and maintain your goals and productivity targets. We stay focused on your business or organization's needs, utilizing a team-based approach that ensures a smooth transfer of ownership of the Lean Transformation and enables your organization to sustain improvements. 


H4M Lean associates stand out as industry leaders with a wide breadth of experience in designing and building Lean models for businesses and organizations. Our customized training courses for all levels of staff and management will give you and your team the knowledge and tools to sustain growth into the future.