Get Lean, Grow Faster, Stay Lean

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Get Lean, Grow Faster, Stay Lean

Grow Fast - and Keep On Growing

Discover superior ROI, improved cash flow, optimized usage of resources and sustained productivity and process increases with an H4M Lean Transformation.

Our associates' diversified knowledge and experience enable us to recommend the best resources and strategies to achieve your objectives, leveraging your own expertise to guide your team to success.


The experienced H4M Lean consultants will guide your business or organization through the crucial steps that help reduce resistance, spread the right learning, and engender the type of commitment necessary for a Lean enterprise.

Some of these steps include:

  • Finding a change agent, a leader who will take personal responsibility for the Lean Transformation.
  • Learning Lean techniques and the Lean knowledge to implement them as part of a system.
  • Seizing a crisisto begin the transformation ; or creating one by focusing on a Lean competitor, or Lean customers and suppliers who demand dramatically better performance.
  • Mapping value streams: Analysis of the current flow of material and information, a Lean map drawn of how they should flow, and creation and implementation of a plan with timetable.
  • Use momentum to expand your scope to link improvements made in value streams, and move beyond the shop or warehouse floor to office processes.
  • Creating an organization to channel value streams.
    • Reorganize your firm by product family and value stream.
    • Create a Lean promotion function.
    • Deal with human resource issues at the outset.
    • Devise a growth strategy.
    • Remove the anchor-draggers.
    • Once you've fixed something, fix it again.
  • Installing business systems to encourage Lean thinking
    • Utilize policy deployment.
    • Create a Lean accounting system.
    • Pay your people in relation to your firm's performance.
    • Make performance measures transparent.
    • Teach Lean thinking and skills to everyone in your team.
    • Customize tools such as production equipment and information systems.
  • Completing the Lean Transformation
    • Convert leadership from the top down to Lean-based leadership principles.
    • Inspire your suppliers and customers to go Lean alongside you.
    • Grow and sustain the value increases and Lean improvements to your business by applying Lean training.

The H4M Lean associates are ready to answer all of your questions about Lean Transformation and what it can do for your business. Contact us today and find out more!