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Lean Workshops

H4M Lean Workshops

- Development Programs For Any Sector -

H4M Lean offers practitioner and manager development training programs for a broad array of manufacturing and service sectors, including industrial components and assembly; automotive; aerospace; heavy equipment; food and beverage; medical supplies; pharmaceuticals; consumer products; durable goods; retail distribution; wood products; and many others.

Customized to Your Company's Needs

H4M Lean training sessions and workshops are customized individually to fit your business or organization's needs. We work with your team to develop their Lean teaching and coaching skills and most importantly, teach supervisors and managers how to lead in and maintain a continuous improvement environment.

General Courses:

  • Introduction to Lean Manufacturing
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • 5-S and the Visual Workplace
  • Developing and Leading Work Groups in a Lean Environment
  • Standard Work and Line Balancing
  • Material Flow and Pull Systems
  • Cellular Manufacturing and Levelling (including cell design and analysis)
  • Setup Reduction (SMED) and Total Preventative Maintenance (TPM)
  • How to Plan and Lead Continuous Improvement Activities (Kaizen)



    Advanced Courses:

    • Material Handling and Call Systems for Lean Manufacturing
    • Error Proofing (Poke-Yoke)
    • Lean in the Office
    • Lean Integration in Project Management

    In-Class & Hands-On Training

    H4M uses the curriculum above to develop custom-based training programs for each client's industry sector and specific needs and situation. We'll work with your business or organization to find the ideal balance between classroom training and actual hands-on implementation.

    Time frames vary according to individual specifications. Some organizations prefer training sessions to be held right away, while others spread out the training period over 6-8 weeks. In most cases the most important material can be covered within 7-10 days, with additional training provided as the Lean Transformation enterprise progresses and matures.

    Schedules & Registration

    Registration | H4M Lean Consulting GroupClass schedules are subject to participant registration. Contact us for information or to discuss a custom-based H4M Lean training workshop.

    H4M Lean Value Stream Mapping Workshops

    Mapping Value Streams | H4M Lean IncThis hands-on workshop is designed to develop the basic skills of Value Stream Mapping for application in both plant and administrative/front office settings. Participants learn how to identify areas for process improvement that will reduce lead times, improve first time quality of information and improve service.

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    H4M Lean Pull / Kanban Workshops

    Pull-Kanban Workshops | H4M Lean Inc.This H4M Lean workshop takes the participants beyond the value stream to an understanding of the strategic nature of Pull/Kanban.

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    H4M 5-S Systems Workshops

    5-S Systems | H4M Lean Inc.Sort • Set • Shine • Standardize • Sustain

    Learn to rapidly and accurately update and share information on production schedules, customer requirements, engineering specifications, operational methods, tooling & fixtures needs and material location with comprehensive waste-reduction strategies.

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    H4M Lean Product Development Workshops

    Lean Product Development | H4M Lean inc.This interactive workshop presents a set of leading-edge, practical tools for slashing waste and increasing speed and efficiency of your product development process. The Lean methods studied in this course enable dramatic reductions in time-to-market while freeing up valuable resources for additional project work.

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