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About H4M Lean

H4M Lean Consulting Group

is a Canadian training and consulting firm specializing in leading-edge Lean strategies to improve productivity, performance and ROI of small & mid-sized businesses and metropolitan / city municipalities.
Our highly-skilled associates have over a century of combined experience in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, the service sector and municipalities. This diversity of skills and international professional backgrounds mean we understand your business and have the expertise to apply the theory and methodology for a successful Lean Transformation. H4M Lean Inc.'s greatest strength lies in the teaching and application of the tools and methods of Lean thinking as a entire system - not just a collection of tools.

Through proven process improvement, Lean Transformation, waste elimination and cultural change methodologies, H4M clients worldwide have achieved sustained productivity increases, waste reduction and improved cash flow and profitability. H4M Lean Inc.'s team-based approach and holistic implementation of Lean strategies enable our clients to take ownership of their transformation and sustain improvements for the long-term.

Get Lean, Grow faster,  Stay Lean! H4M Lean Consulting Group Inc. is the resource you need to achieve growth and increase profits.