5-S and Visual Management

Sustain Lean with Visual Management

5-S and Visual Management

H4M Lean Visual Management Program

Learn the 5 'S's of Visual Management

Workplace organization is  about eliminating waste, predictability and standardization, and employing visual controls. An organized workplace reduces non-value-added activities such as looking for information, tools and materials; and allows employees to communicate visually and more effectively. As support for the Lean environment, the 5-S's provide for the necessary infrastructure and cultural changes in sustaining the Lean (also known as Toyota Production System or TPS) program and initiatives.

Course Description

This 1-day course focuses on the 5-S System for maintenance of an organized workplace as key to continued success for the Lean organization; and utilizing 5-S to generate positive impact on the quality of products and services, as well in safety, productivity and utilization rate of occupied workspace and equipment.

Target Audience

Managers, operational and support staff from both the manufacturing and service sectors; including banking and finance, logistics, healthcare and government and public service.

Program Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to successfully demonstrate their abilities to:

  • Understand the meaning and importance of applying 5-S components in the workplace and all processes and departments
  • Understand how 5-S can improve the workplace and the organization as a whole
  • Identify the 5-S challenges in a given area within the workplace
  • Lead and participate in any 5-S activity within the organization



    Program Outline

    1. Introduction and Overview
    2. 5-S and Workplace Organization
    3. Why 5-S?
    4. How 5-S Eliminates Organizational Waste
    5. 5-S as a Pre-Requisite for Lean
    6. Introduction to the Five Pillars of 5-S
    7. Description of the Five Pillars
    8. Common Types of Resistance to 5-S
    9. Implementation
    10. Benefits of 5S Implementation
    11. Tools and Techniques to Help 5S Implementation
    12. Formulating a Project Plan of Implementation
    13. Critical Success Factors

    The 5 Pillars of 5-S

    First Pillar: Sort

    • Explanation of 'Sort'
    • How to Sort
    • Steps in Red-Tagging
    • Accumulation of Unneeded Items
    • Red-Tagging Suggestions and Reminders

    Second Pillar: Set in Order

    • Explanation of the Second Pillar
    • How to Set in Order

    Third Pillar: Shine

    • Explanation of 'Shine'
    • How to Implement 'Shine'

    Fourth Pillar: Standardize

    • Explanation of 'Standardize'
    • How to Implement Standardization
    • Cleanup
    • Making Sort, Set in Order, and Shine a Habit
    • Prevention: Taking it to the Next Level

    Fifth Pillar: Sustain

    • Explanation of the Fifth Pillar
    • How to Sustain 5S Activities